Leased Lines: The best option for companies that need to stay connected

The world of Telecoms can be a minefield sometimes, filled with jargon, and companies trying to sell you what’s convenient for the provider at the highest possible price - even if it’s not necessarily what you need.

Luckily, above all of this there’s an option that can guarantee an uncontested level of service, and provide you with peace-of-mind that you are getting the best value for money. 

True Fibre

In a household fibre optic set-up, customers might be confused as to why they’re not getting the high speeds that they pay for. This is because the connection between your home and the cabinet is copper, and is only fibre-optic between the cabinet and the exchange.

Leased line connections ensure that your system is fibre optic throughout, with no out-dated tech in the mix to hold it back. The result is simple: a strong and reliable network that is unparalleled by other packages.



At first glance, the price tags on Leased Line connections can seem unwieldy, but not without good reason.

When you pay a small price to use a network, you’re paying alongside hundreds of other people, and can expect interference, slow connections, and high latency periods as a result.

Leased lines are dedicated frameworks specifically for you, and you alone, meaning every step is taken to ensure that your needs get priority - and not your neighbours.


Symmetric Connections

Another big advantage of Leased Lines are their symmetric upload and download speeds.

Whether your uploads move faster or slower than your downloads might seem like a moot point at first, but if you’re hosting mail or web servers, or moving large amounts of content, like videos or programs, symmetric speeds are nothing short of essential.


Solid Service-Level Agreements

When you’re paying for internet connections, it’s not unusual to pay for a 50mb/s connection, only to find a caveat in the paperwork that means they’ll only investigate the issue when it drops below a silly fraction of the speed.

With dedicated engineers on-site at exchanges, diverse cable routes, and improved speed and availability diagnostics, the quality of your connection is always guaranteed, and is investigated when you need it - not when it’s convenient for the provider.

All this and more makes Leased Line connections the professional, scalable option for businesses with growing data needs.


Does this sound like the kind of thing you need? Give us a call, or drop us an email, and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.


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