Loops: what they are, and how to prevent them

Posted by Jan Skrabala on October 31, 2017

Granted, many good things come in loops: wedding rings, race tracks, Hula Hoops. But when it comes to ethernet networks, loops are not a good thing.

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10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Telephony Provider

Posted by Kamil Andruszewicz on October 31, 2017

Choosing a VoIP provider might sound simple & you may think that there isn’t a big difference between them.

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Leased Lines: The best option for companies that need to stay connected

Posted by Sam Strover on October 30, 2017

The world of Telecoms can be a minefield sometimes, filled with jargon, and companies trying to sell you what’s convenient for the provider at the highest possible price - even if it’s not necessarily what you need.

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VoIP hacks may be on the rise: but they are not the user’s fault

Posted by Kamil Andruszewicz on October 30, 2017

Steps can be taken by a user to prevent the hacking of office phones, but if there is a breach, the blame falls squarely in the lap of the provider

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