A software phone or softphone as it is most commonly known as, is an application installed on your smartphone that allows you to make telephone calls over the internet (VoIP).

As a Vostron Telephony customer, you have the option to utilise your voice service through a softphone. For this, the application providers we recommend for mobile and PC are Zoiper, Groundwire and X-Lite.

Setting up a softphone is not only a useful option to have, but it is simply set-up in a few steps too. We have detailed these steps below...


Windows 7 & 8 users can download a copy of the X-lite Softphone application here.

Step One: 

Install the software to your PC or smartphone using the installer and run the application.

Step Two: 

Click on Account Settings to begin the configuration. The SIP Account menu will open. You need to configure the following fields:

  • User ID and Authorization name: enter the extension number
  • Domain: use sip.vostron.net
  • Password: enter the password that is set up for the extension in your VostronPBX control panel
  • Display name: this field isn’t required, but will help you identify the extension in use

You then need to look for the Domain Proxy section and click Domain. Leave the address field for Proxy blank.

Step Three: 

Go to Voicemail Tab. Set number to dial for checking voicemail to: *1 section and click OK.

Step Four: 

The configuration should be complete. If you are using the program for the first time on Windows you may see a prompt telling you that Windows Firewall has blocked some features of the program. If you do, check that it is X-Lite 4 that is being blocked and click Allow access.

Step Five: 

The client should now register. If it fails, the first thing to check is that you have entered the five digit extension and password correctly. If you still cannot make or receive calls, contact our support team for further help.



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