Time is running out fast for FCA regulated businesses to become MiFID II compliant. The deadline of January 3rd, 2018 has passed for many financial sectors and the remaining businesses that have not yet adopted MiFID II are in a mad rush to become compliant.

In order to provide more time, Vostron is offering all potential customers a free 30 day trial of its VoIP telephony solution, with no obligation! Read on to find out more...


With the last minute commotion surrounding the MiFID II directive, for an array of investment advisers, it is good to know that there has been a stay of execution...for some sectors. For the sectors that have not been granted more time and are still in need of a call recording and storage solution, we have put together a fully specced 30 day trial of our VoIP telephony service - including handsets, meaning you will become compliant in a matter of hours.

The trial is inclusive of user profiles via web logins. Additionally, a full list of features are available, including hunt groups, time-based routing, pick-up groups, conference rooms, and of course, this includes MiFID II compliant inbound and outbound recording with 60-month rolling storage.

Our customers love our telephony service because it’s easy to set up, easy to use wherever you are, including out of office, and easy to administer. And if you’re not confident, we will provide assistance and support, until you are totally familiar with the system.

We are confident that once you start using it, your current system will start gathering dust. Nevertheless, there are no strings to this offer, apart from the call charges, but these are 40% less than BT’s anyway. So if after testing our system, you don't want to proceed, you can return it with no hassle.

Overall we strongly feel this is a no-brainer for businesses that are yet to become compliant and need to be quickly. It provides you with a system that grants your business compliance and puts your mind at ease. Furthermore, there is no obligation and minimal cost.

Next Step

Very simply, reach out to us via one of the options below. We can discuss your requirements and have you set-up within hours. It really is that simple.

Action our free trial and grant yourself more breathing space.

To find out more visit here, head to our website, get in touch via email info@vostron.com or give us a call on 02380 111 111.

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